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We handle your books

We do not ask you to process regular entries on our software like our competitors. We will do it for you, as we believe there is no point in charging you fees if you’re doing the bulk of work as our competitors ask you do to.

A friend indeed

As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. We will make sure that you have your own UK based dedicated accountant who is available to answer any queries that you may have.

Unlimited Advice

We don’t believe Sky is the limit as the word limit makes it very limited. You need advice? May it be if a limited company is better for you or on how to grow your business, we can assure you that the word limit does not limit to the advice you may seek.

Take care of your filings

The only way we feel we can serve you is to ensure that we take care of all your filings. Let it be the monthly RTI filing for payroll, the pension information or the usual VAT, accounts and Corporation Tax. Just focus on what you do best which is growing your business while we handle your filing.

Growth Reports

Compliance is boring and every other accountant is doing it. Let us go a few steps further and provide you with regular growth reports to tell you how your business is doing. We can tell you how to increase revenue or cut costs. Let us help in connecting you to a lender who may be able to help you secure the most important funding you are looking for to grow your business.



Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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We can help you with all your general bookkeeping requirements and will not ask you to do the bulk of the work as our competitors do.

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Ever changing regulations, particularly the MTD (Making tax digital) and the growing demands of HMRC mean VAT compliance can be a difficult administrative process.

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Annual Accounts

We can help you by making sure accounts are prepared in the correct format, statutory books and other company secretarial records are kept up-to-date

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About us

We work closely with our clients and act for a broad range of business and personal clients.

Apart from the more general accountancy services we can also assist you with business development and specialist tax services.

Our philosophy is always to do our utmost to…

  • Provide friendly, courteous and efficient service.
  • Always exceed your expectations.
  • Listen to what YOU are saying.
  • Communicate with you quickly and fully.
  • Never surprise you with bills you’re not expecting.
  • Be honest, truthful and upfront with you at all times.
  • Aim for you to pay the least amount of tax payable within the law.
  • Provide pro-active business advice wherever possible.

We appreciate that only in time can we gain your trust, so that you know when we say we can and will do something, we do it.

We hope to get that opportunity.


If your existing accountant is offering you an excellent pro-active service at a fair fee then stick with them. However, different accountants will save you different amounts of tax and provide different levels of business advice. If your present accountant doesn’t offer the type of service you want and that we do offer, then changing over to us is very easy. It involves just one letter from you and we take care of everything else for you. Your existing accountant is not usually allowed to charge you for providing the normal handover information.

No! We offer fixed fees linked to the value of what we provide. We’re not always the cheapest and as with many things in life the cheapest is often the most expensive in the long run. However, we are not expensive and we offer excellent value for what we provide. Most importantly we never undertake work without agreeing the fee arrangements in advance so you always know where you stand.

We can’t over emphasise the importance of tax planning at an early stage, not crisis driven advice. Ideally you do tax planning before the year even starts but after that, the earlier the better. The same is applicable to all areas of advice and we are about helping you change the future, not just reporting what has already happened.

Yes. It often helps to understand your business, the way you keep your books and records, etc at first hand and we are always happy to invest our time without charge to show you what we can do.

When’s good for you? Let us know and we’ll do our utmost to help. If you need to speak to somebody urgently, we’re always available and can arrange a call to speak to you very quickly.

We’re not in the business of providing low quotes just to get your business for the first year and then raising the fees. We want you as a long term client who trusts us to do what we say we will do. We quote what we anticipate to be a fair fee for the value provided and would only anticipate normal inflationary increases if the work stays the same. We would of coarse expect you to provide us with the correct information which will allow us to keep the same fees for more than a year. Very occasionally there may be reasons why the amount of work involved exceeded what was expected but we would give you a call and discuss these with you. In some cases, where it is clear exactly what work is involved we can guarantee the fee for more than one year.


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